3D animation has seen an increase in popularity in the film industry over many years. In addition, the possibility to create a "flythrough" camera in most of today's drawing programs and to experience designs through an animated perspective, has been around for some time. With recent advances in the development of rendering software and the availability of computational power, real estate developers and architects can now find access to tools that were previously only available to much larger film production projects. The image quality of of architectural animations can increasingly be expected to match still CGIs, with the added benefit of a whole dimension, movement of camera and objects, and a world of sound to experience. Spatial situations can be presented and enjoyed with greater accuracy and atmospheric qualities can be communicated even more comprehensively.

When asked to produce an architectural animation, we aim to produce the story much in the same way we produce our stills, with a high level of attention to atmospheric quality and a strong focus on colour and mood. Sometimes a moving shadow will tell the story of a built environment better than object that casts it. Saying more by showing less is an advantage the moving image has held for over a century.


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