Animations / Architecture Movies

Nothing attracts the viewers attention more than moving images. From simple cinemagraphs (animated pictures) to short teaser sequences and complete architecture films, we can find the right solution for every need.

If it is displayed on a screen, it should move!

Nowadays, computer generated animations can be produced in the same quality as our visualizations, with the added benefit of additional dimensions, including movement of camera and objects as well as sound. Spacial situations can be expressed even better and moods can be conveyed more fully.

We produce architectural films with the same high standards that we set for our visualizations: A well thought-out idea and a strong focus on atmospheric qualities such as visual style and mood. Sometimes a moving shadow will tell the story of a built environment better than object that casts it. Saying more by showing less is an advantage the moving image has held for over a century.

For more complex productions, we have a strong network of partners, which we call in when necessary to guarantee you the best possible result. This enables us to produce more than "just" animated films, but to use the full possibilities of the film with professional editing, real film combinations (drone flights with camera tracking, integration of actors, timelapse sequences, etc.), color grading and sound with tailor-made music or narrators.

Even short films can have a strong impact. Expand your website with atmospheric cinemagraphs (partly animated pictures) or short teaser animations. Especially suitable for social media ads!

How we work

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Visual Workflow