Architectural Competition Renderings

We are architects at heart and love to create images for architectural competitions.





First impressions are important!

The architectural competition is the best way for architects to obtain new, exciting projects. We are architects ourselves and love to create images for competitions. Our work ranges from abstract, artistic and atmospheric to precise and realistic images, yet still has an individual signature. 

From many years of experience we know what is important to present a project in an atmospheric way. It is crucial to make the essential ideas of the design come alive - perhaps even to exaggerate them - even if the design has not yet solved all questions. This is important for the jury of architectural experts, because they immediately get a feeling for the qualities of the project. But also non-Architects in the decision process can understand a project at first glance.

The challenge here is to choose the message of our images in such a way that the characteristics of the design are convincingly presented, even if the design itself is not yet fully defined in the phase. We capture the overall spirit of a design and show the mood that the project wants to convey. Depending on the type of project and competition, this can range from very abstract, reduced representations to artistically atmospheric images, or to very precise and realistic renderings. We love to produce atmospheric and expressive images of all kinds.

Our team of experienced architects (as well as interior and landscape architects) has the expertise and experience to understand your ideas and interpret your plans, as well as help with architectural decisions if you want an additional opinion. If required, we will also be happy to assist you in the design process.

How we work

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