Nightnurse Images is a young Zurich + NYC based visualization studio, specialized in high-end renderings and animations. We are a colourful team of (mostly) young architects and designers from around the globe, committed to visualizing plans and good ideas, mainly - but not only - in the field of architecture.


Our purpose is to capture the mood of a project, to make its atmospheric qualities accessible.
More than simply achieving highest degrees of realism or maximum levels of detail we aim to unearth emotions. We believe that the power of architectural visualisation lies in its ability to inspire.


Every day we make it our priority to...

... understand our client:
Everyone has an audience. Our clients approach us with an architecture project or design idea they need to present or sell. The first step for us in every project is to make sure we fully understand not only our client’s needs and requirements but, what is more important, their ideas. We are architects and designers ourselves and speak our client’s language. Ultimately this helps our clients to deliver to their audience exactly what they had in mind.

... be clear about our product:
What exactly is our product? Architectural visualisation may seem like an uncontrollable creative process from the outside. We consider it part of our job to share what exactly it is we are doing at any moment during a project . Our systematic approach to the creative process makes it easy for new and experienced clients to follow along. After all, our product is not just a finished image or animation - it is also the service and experience during the process

... never stop improving:
Since our founding in 2010 we have served hundreds of clients with thousands of images, helped secure victory in architectural competitions and sell apartments to future owners. Still we are far from saying we have finished developing our company or our work. On the contrary, we are constantly striving to improve on everything we do. We invest in organisational development and in establishing quality standards. We highly value shared knowledge, teamwork, the efficiency of innovative tools and artistic perseverance. Together, this serves to make what we enjoy and our clients expect continuously better.

... perform as a team:
An aspect of our mission, which is particularly dear to us, is to provide the environment for a technically excellent and creative group of artists. We strive to nurture talent and take pride in the diverse, colourful, multinational and multilingual crew that works under this name across three continents. When our clients entrust us with their work, they can expect a personal dedicated project leader to be at their service. But what might be even more important, is that they can expect the work of a team.

We visualise your ideas.
Our pleasure.